Elvis // Guitars

Eurico // Bass

Gerson // Vocals

Rick // Drums

Patrick // Guitars

Redlizzard are a band from Almada, Portugal. They were born in late 2007, began rehearsals during the year 2008 and gave their first concert on January 31, 2009 in Almada at the Municipal Youth House.


The Redlizzards started when guitarists Patrick and Elvis met and discovered a common taste: music!


They are a rock band, with some influences from Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Southern Rock. They bring us music with strong influences of “Rock”, with addicting guitar riffs, a few "clichés" and many new ideas. With a positive attitude and a strong musical message, redLizzard are a project that expresses a unique style and musicality.  Bands with Def Leppard, Guns n 'Roses, Gun, Whitesnake, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Cult are a clear influence of the band.


The Redlizzard released on November 17, 2011 the EP "In Your Face", whose single was the most famous theme of the band "Push It Babe". On April 7, 2015 Redlizzard released the album "The Red Album" from which they extracted the single "Reason to Live". On June 8, 2019 “The Black Album”, from which 3 singles “Let It Rock” were extracted, and the themes “Shake It” and “Back Together” mixed and mastered by US Producer Beau Hill.


Their musical style and live performances led the band to achieve some achievements, such as the opening of the Bon Jovi gig at Lisbon in 2011, performing for 57,000 people. Among almost a hundred and a half of shows, there is also a openning act of the renowned musician Marco Mendonza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and The Dead Daisies).


Right now Redlizzard are doing the album promotion tour “The Black Album”.

Redlizzard 2019

Redlizzard 2019

Photo by: Rui M Leal



Photo by: Joana Marçal Carriço



Photo by: João Ferreira

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